Cubex Centre Prague

The Congress will take place in Cubex Centre Prague.


Cubex Centre Prague in new multipurpose venue in Prague that has won the winning award in the international competition 9th Global Eventex Awards. One of the reasons why Cubex won this prestigious award is certainly the unique design of its space, which was inspired by Czech Cubism. The principle of cubism lies in its spatial conception of the work, the subject is not displayed only from one angle, but from many angles at the same time. In connection with this, they use a specific technique, where the depicted object seems to break up, decompose into individual parts, simple geometric shapes. These shapes are then composed by imagination into the final image. The name is derived from the Latin word “cubus”, which means cube, which was one of the geometric shapes that Cubists often used to decompose the object.

Today, it is considered a rarity for which lovers of architecture from all over the world go to the Czech Republic.

Czech Cubism developed in a completely unique way in painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts, especially in the years 1910 to 1914. It is Czech Cubist architecture that is unique in the world - nowhere else in the world has Cubism manifested itself in architecture to such an extent. After the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918, a new artistic style developed from Cubism - Rondo Cubism, which was a kind of combination of classical Cubism and traditional Czech motifs, and which was to celebrate the independence of Czechoslovakia.

Not only the inspiration of history distinguishes the Cubex Center from the competition. Modern technologies, represented for example by the 102 m2 Media Wall projection area, or the Chameleon Concept, which adapts the colour of the space to the client's needs, make Cubex a place that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Read more about our venue here.


Cubex Centre Prague
Na Strži 2097/63
140 00 Prague 4

Access to the building from the direction of the main road/metro is restricted due to construction. On the map below you can see the detour to the building.

Arrival from the Airport

The distance from the Václav Havel Airport Prague is 20 kilometers. A taxi ride from the airport to the Cubex Centre Prague will take approximately 30–40 minutes and costs about 25–30 EUR. You can also travel by public transport. Take the bus No. 119 towards “Nádraží Veleslavín” (METRO station). Leave the bus at the end stop and change for the METRO green line “A” the direction towards “Depo Hostivar”. You will go 7 stops to the station “Muzeum”. Change there for the METRO red line C and go to the station “Pankrác”. Take either escalator up to the next level where you will have to take an additional escalator or stairs to reach ground level. Cubex is situated approximately 100 m from the metro station.

Arrival by car

If travelling northbound from Brno on Highway D1, follow the E50 route, which then becomes 5. května (May 5th Street) or locally known as ‘Magistrala’ and is more of an inner-city highway or boulevard than a typical city street. From there you should easily recognize the Arkády shopping center on your left-hand side, where you can find parking.

Parking information

Ample parking has been made available for all visitors in the Arkády shopping center parking lot located less than 100 m from the KCC. Please note in advance that the first 2 hours of parking there are free and any additional time is 40 Czech crowns per hour.



Congress Secretariat

GUARANT International spol. s r.o.
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190 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic

+420 284 001 444